Ruu is an optimist who sees the best in everyone. Ruu has always craved adventure of his own despite being a novice when it comes to magic. He is most practiced in playful spells he uses for laughs (some literally are just laughter spells) He loves telling jokes and puns. Admittedly isn’t the best musician, but he puts in an effort when needed. His first adventure is pretty simple, travel the mountain road to visit his cousin, he’s confident it will go swimmingly.

Walter is pretty secretive about himself. Or maybe he is just really antisocial. One thing’s for sure he doesn’t seem to ever be happy. This guy’s best friends are spiders he lets them live up in his hat and rocks a ruby red spider pendant, it really brings out his eyes don’t you think?

Fleur and Aderyn are a pair of witches who live in the woods. It’s a long trek to to either town but they like the quiet…. at least they did before monsters starting making a bunch of noise out there. Did I mention they are married? They are married.

Fleur was once in the business of magic items and potions and has a keen nose for magical artifacts. Her spells are all nature based and she can create animals out of plant matter. She is a type of dragon folk. Some might call her a kobold.

Aderyn is hot headed and her magic is hot to match. She used to study magical beasts. Smoke and flames are her specialty magic and she is able to shape them into whatever sort of illusion she pleases. Though as a light elf her powers end up sparkly, bright, and not so intimidating.

Ruu’s Family

Pali is Ruu’s cousin who got a job as a doctor in a town on the other side of the mountains. Her father wishes she could have found something closer and would like her to come home more often. She prioritizes her career and is very passionate about helping others. Her and Ruu were raised together by Pali’s side of the family and are basically siblings.

“Gran” – Grandma to both Ruu and Pali. The most supportive parental unit in the family wants her children and grandchildren to live their best lives. She did her fair share of traveling before settling down in the countryside.

Uncle Reeves – Ruu’s uncle, Pali’s dad. Basically raised both of them though while Ruu’s parents spend most of their time traveling. He gives them both a bit of a hard time out of concern but it comes off harsh.

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